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What is a Memorial Domain?
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Permanent Legacy provides a safe place to create a lasting tribute to someone you love.

Perhaps you’ve recently lost someone. Or maybe you’ve brought someone new into the world! Or is there someone who’s influenced your life in a very special way?

Through Permanent Legacy, you can create a tribute to this special person that will be cherished forever—a precious collection of mementos and memories to share with your family and friends—and even hand down to future generations.

Whether they live around the corner or across the globe, your whole circle of loved ones can easily experience—and contribute to—this special keepsake.

Permanent Legacy makes it simple to create a heartfelt memorial including stories, photographs, video, and audio—it's easy to add any and all of these elements to your tribute.

And through the years, a Permanent Legacy memorial will always be easy to find because your memorial domain is permanently titled under your loved one’s actual name.

You may even want to preserve your own message and memories for others to share—learn more about leaving your own legacy in Planning Ahead.

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