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What is a Memorial Domain?
Cherished Forever

Most internet memorials expire after a couple of years, or you have to continue paying an annual fee. Even if you build your own website, you have to renew the domain name—and pay an additional fee for it—year after year. If you don’t, it will expire and another person may register the name; you lose the name and anyone looking for your site loses access to whatever you had built there.

But at Permanent Legacy, you will own the memorial domain forever, ensuring that your collection of memories will always remain intact. Permament Legacy is the only place where you can secure a site in perpetuity. You’ll never have to worry about renewing your ownership or paying another fee. And it will always be easy to find, because it will be created under your loved one’s actual name. So friends, family, and even future generations will be able to share in the joy of knowing about this special person.

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