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What is a Memorial Domain?
Photo Album

Many families find comfort in the process of going through old photos and selecting the ones to display and share after the death of a loved one. Your memorial site can hold up to a gigabyte of photos, video and audio clips.

That means your memorial could include hundreds of photographs organized the way you want them to appear, creating as many galleries as you wish to display and share those precious memories. Sharing your photos on a memorial site allows others not only to view them, but also to save and print copies if they would like.

Getting your old photos on to your computer and the web is probably a lot easier than you might think. Companies like Lexmark, HP, and others have created inexpensive photo scanner/printers for home use. More conveniently, there are many public-use scanners, like the Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk, in store locations across the U.S., where you can quickly scan your photo selections to a computer disk at a very low cost.

Click here to see a sample photo gallery page.

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