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What is a Memorial Domain?
Stories and Tributes

When your site is established, you can invite friends and family to visit. They will be able to submit their own stories and tributes to share. You will receive notice by email when submissions are made, and you are the one who decides which of the contributions will actually become part of the memorial. This protects both you and your loved one's memory.

Submissions can be organized into two separate sections on your site. The guestbook is a place for others to express condolences and convey their feelings. Think of it as a version of the guestbook one might sign at a funeral or other memorial event. The Memories section allows those who knew your loved one to record and share stories, memories, and anecdotes which will enrich the experience of all who read them. You can choose to include either or both in your memorial site.

Click here to see a sample guestbook page.

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